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Industrial CAD Services Partner

We specialize in CAD Drafting, Design and 3D Modeling services and can deliver a full-range of high-quality CAD packages that encompasses 2D/3D technical drawings as well as shop drawings for manufacturing and construction industry.

We have a proven track record of supporting global clients, with our team partnering with contractors, fabricators, design professionals, and engineering design companies to deliver high-quality drafting and production-ready 2D/3D drawings on time and at competitive prices.

Areas of our expertise in CAD Drafting Services:

We provide drafting services on the following software platforms by using highly trained, experienced, and skilled team of resources.

With an experience of over a decade, delivering drafting services for various industry verticals, we have acquired expertise across enlisted areas:

  • 2D and 3D CAD Drawings
  • CAD Conversion (PDF to CAD & 2D to 3D)
  • Fabrication Drawings from Plant 3D, SolidWorks, TEKLA 3D models.
  • Assembly Drawings with BOM
  • Create 3D Model from Existing Drawings / Images in AutoCAD Plant 3D software.
  • Mechanical Drafting Drawings For Skids, Horizontal and Vertical Vessels, Heat exchangers.
  • As built and Markup Drawings.

Addressing Interoperability between various CAD platforms

In modern product development, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) plays a pivotal role in creating, modifying, and sharing design information. However, the lack of seamless interoperability between different CAD systems poses a significant challenge. Engineers and designers often work with diverse CAD tools, and the inability to exchange data seamlessly hampers collaboration, increases errors, and hinders overall productivity leading to significant loss of time and money.

Incompatibility Issues

CAD files from one software may not be fully compatible with another, leading to loss of critical design information, geometry errors, or feature misinterpretation.

Data Translation Challenges

Converting CAD files between different formats often results in data loss, decreased accuracy, and increased risk of design flaws.

Versioning Problems

Managing design versions becomes complex when different team members use various CAD tools, potentially leading to misunderstandings, errors and rework.

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