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What is Ignition?

Ignition is the revolutionary SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) platform built by Inductive Automation. This application and web launch SCADA by IA is supported by Python, SQL, Java, and many other programming languages. Ignition is built on a modular architecture, which allows clients to choose and only pay for the functionality they need in their SCADA.

Modular Structure:

Ignition® is a universal industrial application platform capable of unlimited extensibility through the addition of fully integrated software modules. All modules are hot-pluggable so they can be installed, removed, and upgraded without impacting your operations in any way, and they all work together seamlessly.

This structure allows ignition to be utilized not only in SCADA & HMI for Industrial Controls, but also in IIOT, MES, Enterprise, etc. Apart from IA’s modules, many third parties create custom modules to provide additional functionality.

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Ignition provides a selection of licensing options:

4. Vision

Ignition Vision

SCADA for PC/Computer use (application-based)

5. Ignition Perspective

Ignition Perspective

Ability to access project through handheld devices with through Perspective app (available on iOS and Android). Also accessible through web browser.

6. IgnitionEdge

Ignition Edge

A light version of Ignition for small HMI applications

7. Ignition Cloud

Cloud license

All options are available on cloud and can be used without investing in hardware (Cloud server alternative)

Advantages of Ignition SCADA:

Why Ignition Stands Out in the SCADA Software Arena

Choosing the right SCADA software is crucial for seamless industrial operations, and Ignition rises above its competitors for several compelling reasons. Unlike traditional SCADA systems, Ignition offers unparalleled performance and addresses common shortcomings in the following ways:


Simplified Licensing:

Traditional SCADA systems often come with complex licensing structures that can be challenging to modify. In contrast, Ignition provides a Modular licensing approach, facilitating easy adjustments to meet evolving project requirements.


Unrestricted Licensing:

Unlike many SCADA systems that impose limitations on tags, screens, users, databases, and OPC servers, Ignition leads the industry with its open architecture and scalability. Ignition’s licensing model does not restrict the number of tags, screens, users, or databases, providing flexibility for projects of any scale.


Enhanced Device Compatibility:

Some SCADA solutions may lack drivers for various connected devices or only support proprietary hardware. Ignition stands out by offering broad compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with diverse devices, and minimizing compatibility issues.


Efficient Development and Installation:

Due old technology, Other SCADA platforms may suffer from slower development and installation processes, leading to increased project costs. Ignition, however, excels in rapid development and installation, contributing to cost-effectiveness and timely project completion.


Intuitive User Experience:

Ignition sets itself apart by offering an intuitive experience for both developers and end clients. This user-friendly interface not only streamlines the development process but also ensures that end users can easily navigate and interact with the SCADA system. This, in turn, contributes to lower project costs and adherence to project timelines.


In summary, Ignition is at the forefront of the SCADA industry, offering powerful scalability, an open architecture, and intuitive user experience. By eliminating limitations and addressing common challenges, Ignition provides a robust solution for industrial automation needs.

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